Monmouth Scientific | Christmas Jumper Day 2021 | Production

Christmas Jumper Day at Monmouth Scientific

The Monmouth Team picked out their jazziest jumpers to raise money for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day!

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Monmouth Scientific Founder David Pomeroy (Left) welcomes incoming Managing Director Alan Holcombe (Right) to the company’s new headquarters, currently under construction on Bristol Road in Bridgwater, Somerset

Monmouth Scientific appoint new Managing Director

Monmouth Scientific Limited are pleased to announce the appointment of new Managing Director Alan Holcombe.

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Monmouth Scientific | Products | Vertical Laminar Flow

Common Uses for a Laminar Flow Cabinet

Laminar Flow Cabinets are designed as a low-cost alternative to a Cleanroom when funding and/or space is limited and providing protection…

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How to effectively use your Laboratory Fume Cupboard

Fume Cupboards are an essential piece of equipment in many laboratories. The extraction system ensures operators are guaranteed chemical safety when…

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Monmouth Scientific | Products | Laboratory Isolator

Lab Isolators – How Much Do You Know?

For the handling of active cytostatic substances or pathogenic microbiology, the working environment is being subjected to ever higher safety requirements.

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Which is the right Fume Cupboard for you?

Before buying a Fume Cupboard it is vitally important to understand it’s uses correctly. A Fume Cupboard utilises local ventilation to limit exposure…

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Monmouth Scientific | Case Studies | University of Birmingham

A Guide to Biosafety in the Lab

Many laboratories work with substances that can be harmful if handled incorrectly, none more so than labs dealing with biological…

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Monmouth Scientific | Case Studies | Polymermedics

Fume Cupboards in Schools and Keeping the Classroom Safe

Schools, Colleges and Universities are bound by law to ensure that Fume Cupboards are used in classrooms and effectively protect…

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Monmouth Scientific | Case Studies | Polymermedics

Protection Against Chemical Hazards

Choosing the correct chemical containment solution within a laboratory can be a difficult task and ensuring worker protection from exposure…

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A Guide to Clean Air Filters

Activated Carbon Filters High temperature steam activation leads to a slow and controlled destruction of the solid charcoal mass to…

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Biological Hazards and Building a Safe Environment

Before choosing which type of biological safety cabinet is most suitable for the handling of potentially pathogenic material, consideration must…

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The Increased Demand for Modular Cleanrooms

At Monmouth Scientific, we have been developing Modular Cleanrooms for over 10 years as a cost-effective solution to creating a…

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Ducted Fume Cupboard Frequently Asked Questions

How would you recommend Fan Positioning for a Ducted Fume Cupboard?  The fan is normally positioned so that as much…

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Monmouth Scientific | Products | Biological Safety Class 1

Biological Safety Cabinet Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Class II provide clean air to the working chamber? Unidirectional HEPA filtered air cascades downward into the…

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What are the Benefits of a Modular Cleanroom?

Versatility | Modular cleanrooms can be configured to meet the clients’ design standards and bespoke needs. Time | Due to the modular…

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Monmouth Scientific | Service & Maintenance | Cleanroom Certification

How is a Cleanroom’s cleanliness measured?

As a self-contained, particulate free environment a cleanroom’s cleanliness is measured by how clean the air is and by the…

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What is a HEPA Filter?

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology dictates that a HEPA filter must…

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What is Activated Carbon?

Activated Carbon is a porous form of carbon which can be manufactured from a variety of carbonaceous raw materials. The…

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Cleanroom - CTLS-05

Factors in choosing the ISO class of a Cleanroom

Cleanroom Classifications Cleanrooms are classified as a room in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled. It must be…

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Do I need Horizontal or Vertical Laminar Flow?

A Laminar Flow system is vital in the control of particulate contamination. Laminar air flow can be described as an entire body…

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Filtration Fume Cupboards Frequently Asked Questions

Are Filtration Fume Cabinets safe? Filtration Fume Cabinets are as safe as Ducted Fume Cabinets when matched to the appropriate application. Filtration…

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Monmouth Scientific | Case Studies | Polymermedics

Non-Ducted vs Ducted Fume Cupboards

At Monmouth Scientific we believe there is a common misconception that Ducted Fume Cupboards are cheaper to install, run and maintain than…

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Monmouth Scientific | Case Studies | Sensome Medical

Which Industries Are Using Modular Cleanrooms?

Cleanrooms and their controlled ISO Class Clean Air environments have long been associated with the pharmaceutical and medical industries, but…

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