Fume Cupboards are an integral part of most labs. These ventilated enclosures enable laboratory personnel to safely work with materials that produce hazardous fumes and volatile vapors.

Selecting a fume hood that is the right fit for your laboratory is important and there are many different ducted and ductless designs to choose from. Traditionally, fume hoods consume large amounts of energy, but many newer units are designed with energy efficiency in mind, which reduces operating costs while providing the necessary protection.

The Questions to Ask…

  1. Which chemicals will be used in Fume Cupboard?
  2. Is a Ducted or Recirculating Fume Cupboard best suited to your needs and available space?
  3. Where will the Fume Cupboard be positioned within the lab? Consider workflows, access to external exhaust systems, and competing airflow patterns.
  4. What size Fume Cupboard will best suit your needs? Consider what (if any) equipment potentially used inside.
  5. Are any additional services such as electrical outlets, water, or gas fixtures required?
  6. Are base cabinets for acid, solvent, or non-chemical storage required?

Purchasing Tip 

When selecting a fume hood for your lab, there are many factors to consider and options to choose from. Before you buy, always start with safety by making sure the fume hood you purchase is effective against the types of chemicals you’ll be working with. .

Energy Efficiency

Some main points to consider when looking to increase fume hood energy efficiency are fan efficiency, access area opening dimensions, and ductless technology. Ductless fume hoods recirculate laboratory air after filtering out particles and fumes, rather than venting contaminants. Designs typically use airflow and air velocity meters to ensure the fume hood functions correctly and maintains a safe work environment.

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Credit: Lab Manager | Fume Cupboard Resource Guide