Service solutions to cater for our client's specific needs

Service, Maintenance and Validation of Fume Cupboards, Laminar Flow, Class II Biological Safety, Cleanrooms, Local Exhaust Ventilation and Down Flow

Our Service Department provide ongoing support, calibration and certification to all of our own and our competitor’s products.

We can advise on product suitability for changes of application or arrange maintenance visits to ensure your investment remains in perfect working order.

Alongside this we have a range of service solutions to cater for client specific needs, from single visits to long term service contracts covering multiple sites all over the UK & Ireland. From Clean room service and maintenance, to Laminar Flow Servicing, we have detailed our service areas below.

Call us on 01278 458090 or email for a no obligation review of your current site facilities and a detailed quotation.

UK Wide Service

Full Solution Testing

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Qualified Engineers

Our Service Areas

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive service to safeguard your employees.
When servicing, calibrating and validating solutions our skilled and experienced engineers check all aspects of a cabinet.

Monmouth Scientific utilise the latest calibrated test equipment, including Vane Anemometers, Particle Counters, Smoke Generators and Photometers.

We also supply and install:

Pre-Filters | HEPA Filters | Carbon Filters | Lights & Fitments | Control Panels