Key Objective

A UK based Fuel Cell System Manufacturer, approached Monmouth Scientific in search of a solution to guarantee a highly clean and safe environment within which to weigh the powders used in the process of producing the fuel cells, some of which carry a significantly high health risk.

The powders will be transferred from a bulk container into small ones at precise weights, using a Micro Balance within the cabinet.

Monmouth Scientific | Powder Containment CabinetOur Solution

1200mm Circulaire® Powder Containment Cabinet

The Circulaire® Powder Containment Cabinet, installed and commissioned by our team of experienced engineers, is designed to contain powders while using balances. Operating personnel and the surrounding environment are protected effectively against contamination of toxic substances.

Fitted with a high efficiency H14 HEPA filter, the low velocity inward flow of air into the cabinet protects the operator without disturbing the powder during handling.

Air flow is guided towards the interior to prevent released particles and aerosols from leaving the controlled working area. This guarantees personal protection. The two consecutive HEPA H14 filters retain the particles effectively at the source. The optimised air flow design ensures the highest possible level of safety.

“The cabinet will allow us to centralise powder weighing and allow us to do it safely in an easily controlled space.

We’ve been pleased with the response from Monmouth and look forward to using the cabinet in the future.”

- Senior Materials Engineer.