Client Background

Somerset Cidermakers Thatchers have been creating cider for over one hundred years. As production methods have evolved over time the family run company have looked to marry traditional cider pressing techniques with state of the art technology.

Monmouth Scientific | Case Studies | Thatchers CiderKey Objectives

In 2014 the Jubilee Production Building was opened at Myrtle Farm and as more modern advancements were made in the production of cider, Thatchers required an ultra-clean environment for micro-testing cider samples daily to ensure the highest level of quality is maintained in every batch.

Our Solution

  • Circulaire Laminar Flow

Within the cabinet air is initially drawn through an easy-change, high-quality pre-filter to remove all gross particulate. All air then passes through the fan system, before being pushed through an ULPA filter, removing 99.9998% of all particles >0.12 μm in size.

1200mm wide, with a large working aperture to ensure maximum operator visibility, the HLF cabinet is fitted with the revolutionary Visionaire® Touchscreen, our in-house designed, user friendly interface which controls & monitors all aspects of a cabinet’s operation.

The HLF guarantees an ISO Class 4, particle free working environment within which to work, more than satisfying the client’s cleanliness requirements and providing the very best protection for the product samples.

“Quality control is paramount to us at Thatchers and the Laminar Flow Cabinet provides us with the clean air environment and product protection we need to guarantee that the cider we are producing and distributing is the very best it can be.

The staff at Monmouth Scientific were superb in initially identifying the correct solution for our requirements and installed it on site quickly and efficiently, a really excellent solution.”

Ruby Kendall; Quality Coordinator, Thatchers Cider