The Circulaire® Filtration Fume Cupboard features the very latest in high quality recirculating air filtration technology. Our ductless fume extraction system utilises Ultra-deep Activated Carbon filters to guarantee maximum fume filtration efficiency and/or HEPA filters for particulate removal.

The high quality filters are 30% larger than rival cabinets and significantly deeper, making the laboratory fume removal and clean air purification more efficient, effective and safe.

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Circulaire®Touchscreen Fume Cupboards

The Circulaire® Filtration Fume Cupboard is fitted with ultra-deep Activated Carbon or HEPA filters to guarantee maximum fume filtration efficiency.

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Circulaire® Fume Cupboards

Fully compliant with COSHH regulations and international standards including BS7989:2001 for Filtration Fume/Particulate Cupboards.

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Circulaire®ATEX Fume Cupboard

The ATEX unit incorporates the latest in containment technology to provide full compliance with COSHH regulation and BS7989:2001.

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Circulaire®Mobile Filtration Arm

The Circulaire PFB250 mobile fume filtration arm provides an exceptional level of point of use operator protection.

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