Monmouth Scientific | Product | Hybrid Fume Cupboard

Circulaire® Hybrid Fume Cupboard

The highly energy efficient Circulaire® Hybrid Fume Cupboard features Environmentally Responsible and Sustainable Active Eco Technology and Partial Airflow Recirculation. 

Hybrid Recirculating + Ducted Fume Cupboard Technology exhausts clean air to the outside atmosphere and ensures that, compared to a conventional fume cupboard, the volume of exhaust air and the energy used are reduced to contribute to a greener environment and make it a sustainable choice for laboratories and research facilities.

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Lower Air Consumption means up to 60% less outgoing air than a conventional Fume Cupboard.

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Saves Energy and Operating Costs by reducing Power Output, Lighting and Fan Speeds without compromising safety.

Monmouth Scientific | Product | Hybrid Fume Cupboard

Recirculating + Ducted Fume Cupboard Technology cuts emissions by exhausting clean air to the outside atmosphere.


Operator protection is provided through filters specified to your requirements and application. 

Our Hybrid Fume Cupboard combines the best features of traditional fume hoods with advanced filtration technology setting new standards for user protection and environmental responsibility to save on energy, resource and operating costs.


The inflow air is drawn in from the laboratory through the front aperture, mixing with the contaminated air from the working chamber before being drawn through air intake grilles on the work surface into the Activated Carbon/HEPA Filters*. The advanced multi-stage filter options ensure superior removal efficiency, making it suitable for diverse chemical processes and experiments.

Cleaned and free of contaminants, the airflow is then guided through internal ventilation where it is divided so just 40% is extracted to the duct extract system.

The remaining 60% is recirculated back into the working chamber creating an air-curtain across the front aperture to provide containment and operator safety. This method differs to traditional fume cabinets which rely purely on inflow velocity for protection.

Vitally, this green process results in a 60% decrease in extraction of conditioned laboratory air that with conventional ducted fume cabinets would be lost to atmosphere.

An additional key benefit of our Hybrid Technology, in comparison to ducted systems, is the extracted air is clean and filtered. The contaminants are removed directly at the source without contaminating the building exhaust air.

Intelligent airflow management technology optimises air circulation to reduce energy consumption while maintaining constant air quality.

*Various Options for Carbon / HEPA Combinations are available.

Monmouth Scientific | Product | Hybrid Fume Cupboard
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Product Specification

Model HFC 1200 HFC 1500 HFC 1800
External (W x D x H) 1203mm x 942mm x 2562mm 1503mm x 942mm x 2562mm 1803mm x 942mm x 2562mm
Working (W x H) 900mm x 1300mm 1200mm x 1300mm 1500mm x 1300mm
Total Airflow 389m3/hr 488m3/hr 578m3/hr
Recirculated Airflow 189m3/hr 288m3/hr 338m3/hr
Exhausted Airflow
200m3/hr 240m3/hr
Filter Activated Carbon, H14 HEPA or Carbon-HEPA Combo
Power 230 v 230 v 230 v
Sound Circa. 56dB Circa. 56dB Circa. 55dB

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Monmouth Scientific | Product | Hybrid Fume Cupboard

Key Features & Benefits

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Active Eco Technology

Hybrid Recirculating + Ducted Fume Cupboard Technology exhausts clean air to the outside atmosphere, leaving no chemical deposits in the outgoing air ducts.

Up to 60% less exhausted air, saves energy and operating costs.

PIR Sensors ensure efficient energy consumption by placing the cabinet in Eco Mode after a period of operator inactivity.

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High-Quality Filter Combinations

We offer Activated Carbon, for Chemical Filtration or HEPA Filters, for Particulate, or a combination if your application requires.

  • Activated Carbon Filters; Suitable for more than 500 Chemicals.
  • HEPA Filters; Suitable for Particulate, 99.997% efficiency at 0.3µm.


Fields of Application

The Hybrid Fume Cupboard caters to a broad range of applications, including:

  • Chemical research and analysis
  • Pharmaceutical research and manufacturing
  • Biotechnology and life sciences
  • Industrial processes involving hazardous materials

Touchscreen Control Interface

The Visionaire® technology built into our Hybrid Workstations allows the highest level of operator monitoring, giving you the ability to control every necessary aspect of product operation.


Additional Options

  • Glass or Plastic Work surface (Stainless Steel as Standard)
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Gas & Water Supplies
  • SafeChange Filter System