The RRS Sir David Attenborough is as a floating polar research laboratory. The Cambridge-based British Antarctic Survey (BAS) believe the Polar Ice Class 5 ship will enable world-leading research in Antarctica. Installed onboard, in some of the 13 laboratories, sit Circulaire® CT800 Recirculating Fume Cupboard.

The research being carried out will include testing trace metal systems, and deploying and recovering instruments in deep and polar waters.

Our ductless technology Recirculating Fume Cupboard utilises Activated Carbon and/or HEPA filters to guarantee maximum fume filtration efficiency and particulate removal, making the laboratory’s fume removal and air purification more efficient, effective and safe. 

The Circulaire® CT Filtration Fume Cabinets feature the very latest in air filtration technology. Air is initial drawn in from the laboratory before passing through Carbon Filters, removing all contaminated particles and toxins from processes and experiments. The units recirculate clean air back in the working environment ensuring the safety of staff and scientists aboard RRS Sir David Attenborough.

“The voyage we have coming up is about testing the ship’s capabilities,” said Dr Elaine Fitzcharles, senior lab manager for BAS. The scientists, she said, would be collecting various samples including invertebrates, sediment and water.

“It is about testing the science capabilities of the ship to make sure it can deliver what the science community will need.

“It is a fantastic vessel and the space we have is phenomenal for a research ship – we need to make sure the science we do on board does it justice.”

A quick guide to the RRS Sir David Attenborough

  • The vessel is 129m-long (423ft), has a 24m (79ft) beam and weighs 15,000 tonnes
  • It is home to 30 crew and up to 60 scientists and support staff
  • The vessel houses 13 different laboratories onboard
  • There is 1,020km (634 miles) of electric cabling on board
  • RRS Sir David Attenborough is what is called a Polar Ice Class 5 (PC5) ship, meaning it should be able to move through medium, first-year ice – about a metre (3ft) in thickness – at a speed of three knots (5.6km/h)

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