In the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, ensuring the safety and quality of products is paramount. The design of Monmouth Scientific’s Powder Containment Cabinets focuses on providing the highest level of protection for personnel while handling pharmaceutical compounds, essential in environments where staff are exposed to potent pharmaceutical ingredients.

The specialised containment features ensure that there is no cross-contamination, and that the integrity of pharmaceutical products is maintained, thereby ensuring both safety and compliance with stringent industry regulations.

One of the challenges faced during manufacturing and powder handling processes sees problematic static electricity lead to various issues, from safety hazards to product quality problems.


The integration of Fraser Anti-Static Techniques powerful anti-static (Ionising) bars into Monmouth Scientific Powder Containment Cabinets offers a compelling solution to these challenges, significantly enhancing pharmaceutical manufacturing processes by:

  • Reducing Static Electricity

The anti-static bar neutralises static charges that accumulate during the handling of pharmaceutical powders.

  • Improving Product Quality

By mitigating static-related issues the system significantly helps in maintaining the consistency and purity of pharmaceutical products. Static electricity can cause cross contamination or attract unwanted particles, leading to contamination; controlling static dramatically ensures that the final products are free from such impurities.

  • Greater Check Scale + Measurement Consistency

Extremely Small static charges on powders can cause check balances to give incorrect or inconsistent readings. Removing these charges prior to taking balance readings can ensure greater consistency when using check balances.

  • Reduced risk of Operator Contamination

Very small static charges on powders or operator clothing can cause potentially dangerous powders to become attracted onto personnel. The introduction of Ionising Bars dramatically reduces this risk for operators.

  • Enhancing Worker Safety

Static discharges are not only a risk for product quality but also for personnel safety. The use of anti-static technology in containment cabinets ensures a safer working environment, preventing static shocks that could lead to injuries.


The use of anti-static bars in powder containment cabinets ensures that pharmaceutical manufacturers can achieve higher safety standards, better product quality, and increased operational efficiency. Such innovations are crucial for the advancement of pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, paving the way for safer and more reliable production processes.

This collaboration between SDI Group members; Monmouth Scientific and Fraser Anti-Static Techniques in the pharmaceutical sector is a prime example of how tailored engineering solutions can address specific industry needs effectively.

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