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Circulaire®Powder Containment Cabinet

Precise Weighing and Personal Protection

The Powder Containment Cabinet is designed to contain powders while using Micro and Semi-Micro Balances. Operating personnel and the surrounding environment are protected effectively against contamination of toxic substances.

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Optimal research results start with a robust environment. The PCC balance enclosure offers the user reliable weighing results with proven safety.

The unit comes fitted with a single high efficiency H14 HEPA filter but is also available with an additional H14 exhaust HEPA filter and/or carbon filters. The low velocity inward flow of air into the cabinet protects the operator without disturbing the powder during handling. 

The air flow is guided towards the interior in order to prevent released particles and aerosols from leaving the controlled working area. This guarantees personal protection. The two consecutive HEPA H14 filters retain the particles effectively at the source. The optimised air flow design ensures the highest possible level of safety.

The well-lit, transparent working area and ergonomic design provide a comfortable working environment. The cabinet uses a high efficiency fan and LED lighting for low power consumption together with an ECO mode for even further power savings. The PCC balance enclosure is available as a bench top version, to mount on existing laboratory furniture, or with a base stand.

Standard Features

  • Effective protection of personnel
  • „„2 HEPA H14 filters in series
  • „„Bag out filter change
  • „„Optional Activated Carbon Filter
  • „„Bright and transparent working space
  • „„Ergonomic design
  • „„Visionaire® Touchscreen Control
  • „„Low-noise operation < 52 dB(A)
  • „„Qualifiable filters

Monmouth Scientific | Powder Containment Cabinet

Technical Data

PCC900 PCC1200 PCC1500
External Dims (W x D x H) 912mm x 832mm x 970mm 1212mm x 832mm x 970mm 1512mm x 832mm x 970mm
Work Surface (W x D) 840mm x 490mm 1140mm x 490mm 1440mm x 490mm
Air Volume 330 m3/h 444 m3/h 554 m3/h
Air Velocity 0.35 m/s
Primary Filter 2 x H14 HEPA Filter – 99.97% efficient at 0.3um
Secondary Filter Optional Activated Carbon Filter
Power 170 watts 200 watts 250 watts

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