Fume Cupboards are an essential piece of equipment in many laboratories. The extraction system ensures operators are guaranteed chemical safety when carrying out applications involving potentially toxic chemicals in working environments.

Fume hoods create a clean work area by exhausting substances that can cause harm, including fumes, aerosol, gasses, vapours and dust. Recirculating Fume Cupboards extraction also forms a barrier between the lab when a chemical reaction occurs.

For a fume cabinet to a provide this critical measure of protection, it’s important for technicians to use it effectively. Monmouth Scientific have put together a Do’s and Don’ts guide on using Fume Cupboards safely.

The Recirculating Fume Cupboards Do’s…

1 – Check the Airflow

Ensure that the Fume Cupboard is on and the airflow is within the required range.

2 – Check the Safety Sash

Make sure the Safety Sash is at the correct level.

3 – Use the Correct PPE

Use correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including Eye-wear, while operating the Fume Cupboard.

4 – Know Your Equipment and Chemicals

Heat generating equipment generate undesirable air currents that can disrupt airflow. Ensure to place at the rear of the Fume Cupboard.

5 – Notify Your Lab Manager of Issues

Notify the Lab Manager if a Fume Cupboard is not functioning correctly. Malfunctioning equipment should be closed and tagged until repairs can be completed.

…And The Don’ts

1 – Don’t Operate Without Full Training

Ensure full training has been completed and understood before operating a Fume Cupboard.

2 – Don’t Block the Airflow

Continual Airflow through a Fume Cupboard is vital and guarantee protection from potential harmful chemical toxins.

3 – Don’t Permanently Store Chemicals within the Fume Cupboard

Dedicated equipment such as a Chemical Storage Cabinet should be used to store hazardous materials.

4 – Don’t Position External Fans Near Recirculating Fume Cupboards

Positioning fans directing air across the face of a Fume Cupboard interferes with both the Airflow and Containment.

5 – Don’t Use a Fume Cupboard for any Function it was Not Designed For

Fume Cupboard’s utilise Carbon Filters, specifically designed for use with certain chemicals. Using a Fume Cupboard with the wrong chemicals can be dangerous to the operator and other personnel within the working lab environment.

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