In the realm of aerospace applications, the significance of cleanrooms cannot be overstated, especially when precision, cleanliness, and controlled environments are paramount. Monmouth Scientific’s Modular Cleanrooms that effortlessly elevate production spaces to classified clean areas.

It’s crucial to acknowledge the dynamic nature of aerospace cleanroom requirements, which can vary based on specific applications and industry standards. Our commitment lies in the design of aerospace cleanrooms that meticulously minimise contamination, upholding the necessary conditions for the production, assembly, and testing of components and systems crucial to the success of aerospace missions.

Delve into the diverse spectrum of aerospace sector applications that Monmouth Scientific Modular Cleanrooms support.


ISO Class Modular Cleanrooms play a pivotal role in the production and assembly of satellites. Given the highly-sensitive nature of electronic components, sensors, and optics in satellites, a controlled environment free from contaminants is indispensable. Cleanrooms ensure the cleanliness and proper functioning of these components throughout the manufacturing and testing processes.

Case Study – Monmouth Scientific supports Space Sector with Cleanroom Manufacturing Cells for Surrey Satellite Technology.

After experiencing an increase in project workload, SSTL approached Monmouth Scientific in search of a solution to guarantee a highly clean environment within in which the Engineering teams could assemble, and test complex Optical Payloads.

Two ISO Class Aluminium Modular Cleanrooms installed at SSTL’s headquarters in Guildford, include a 6m x 5m Satellite Engineering Zone and 4m wide Entry/Exit Points to allow for the efficient movement of large equipment in and out of the Manufacturing Cell.

Andrew Norton, Project Lead at Surrey Satellite Technology said: “These genuinely look like a quality lab and by using them as manufacturing cells we have been able to impart flexibility and agility into the system that allows these manufacturing cells to be used across payloads that are highly bespoke and rarely the same.”

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Cleanrooms are essential in the assembly and integration of spacecraft, be it for manned missions or robotic exploration. The assembly of spacecraft demands a controlled environment to prevent contamination and guarantee the reliability of onboard systems. Cleanrooms provide the optimal conditions for assembling, integrating, and testing various spacecraft components.


The manufacturing of avionics and aircraft electronic systems relies heavily on cleanrooms. Avionics, encompassing electronic control systems, flight instruments, communication systems, and navigation equipment, necessitate cleanroom environments to uphold performance standards and shield them from contamination during production and assembly.


Aerospace applications often entail the use of precision optics and laser systems for diverse purposes such as remote sensing, communication, and guidance. Cleanrooms at Monmouth Scientific are equipped to produce, assemble, and test optical components and laser systems, guaranteeing high accuracy, minimal contamination, and optimal performance.

 Key Features

  • Customisation for Specific Requirements. Monmouth Scientific Modular Cleanrooms can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client. Whether it’s a satellite assembly cleanroom or a facility for aerospace component manufacturing, the modular design allows for flexibility in layout and configuration.
  • Adherence to Stringent Standards. Complying with ISO cleanroom standards is non-negotiable in the aerospace industry. Monmouth Scientific’s Modular Cleanrooms are designed and manufactured to meet ISO 14644-1, ensuring that the cleanrooms provide the necessary controlled environments for the space and aerospace sectors.
  • Advanced Filtration Systems. Monmouth Scientific integrates cutting-edge HEPA filtration technologies, effectively remove particles and contaminants and maintaining the required cleanliness levels for sensitive aerospace equipment.
  • Installation and Expansion. The modular design facilitates rapid and efficient installation, also allowing for future expansion or reconfiguration as needed. This adaptability is crucial in an industry where technological advancements and project requirements can change rapidly.

Monmouth Scientific is dedicated to elevating aerospace production environments with innovative Modular Cleanrooms, fostering the conditions necessary for innovation, reliability, and success in aerospace missions.

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