At Monmouth Scientific, we have been developing Modular Cleanrooms for over 10 years as a cost-effective solution to creating a clean area within an existing room or space. Over the past 18 months the business has seen an increase in demand for cleanrooms that are scalable.

Sales and Marketing Manager Lewis Irish said: “It is not just growth, there is a mindset shift in the marketplace from traditional fixed builds to facilities that offer flexibility”.

“While conventional cleanrooms used to be the standard, we now see a changing and increasing demand towards modular cleanrooms.”

Modular cleanroom services offer an innovative alternative to conventional cleanrooms for spaces that require flexibility in terms of future needs or a restricted build timeline. Monmouth’s free-standing aluminium framework can be assembled or dissembled on site in just a few hours.

Lewis continued: “We have noticed that modularity is the starting point that allows companies from various sectors to introduce cleanroom technology. Modular means being scalable, flexible and agile. But more importantly, it enables speed.

The current cleanroom market is one where companies in need of rather small cleanrooms in terms of footprint are necessarily located in science parks or universities, with cleanroom designs that don’t allow easy relocation or expansion. More often than not, these are organisations that are only temporarily in need of a cleanroom.”

Each Monmouth Cleanroom is entirely bespoke, designed and manufactured in the UK by our own design and production department, allowing us full control from concept through to completion. We can accommodate for sizes from small to large scale constructions.

All components are manufactured from long lasting and easily cleaned materials to ensure years of uninterrupted service. The construction is lightweight and can be dismantled and relocated if required. With a choice of different sized standard elements, a variety of working areas can be constructed. Panel walling is typically constructed from aluminium composite and clear non-break polycarbonate creates window panels.

Our Modular Cleanrooms can be built with or without changing/entrance areas. The entrances can be constructed as sliding doors, hinged doors, strip curtains or a combination of the three.

For more information on how our Market Leading Clean Air Solutions can benefit you, contact Monmouth Scientific’s Technical Sales Experts on;+44(0)1278 458090 or email [email protected].