Welcome to the cutting-edge of laboratory safety and sustainability…as we proudly unveil the Circulaire® Hybrid Fume Cupboard. Designed with precision and engineered for excellence, it is the ultimate solution for a safer and greener workspace.

Hybrid Recirculating + Ducted Fume Cupboard Technology exhausts clean air to the outside atmosphere and ensures that, compared to a conventional fume cupboard, the volume of exhaust air and the energy used are reduced to contribute to a greener environment and make it a sustainable choice for laboratories and research facilities.

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The Circulaire® Hybrid at a glance

  • A revolutionary synergy of modern clean air technologies and traditional fume cupboards.
  • Highly efficient optimisation saves on energy, resource and operating costs.
  • Setting new standards for environmentally responsible and sustainable choices in laboratory and research facilities.


Hybrid Fume Cupboard Technology differs to traditional fume cupboards which rely purely on inflow velocity for protection. Our green hybrid process results in a 60% decrease in extraction of conditioned laboratory air that with ducted fume cupboards would be lost to atmosphere.

The inflow air is drawn in through the front aperture, mixing with the contaminated air from the working chamber before being drawn through air intake grilles on the work surface into the Activated Carbon/HEPA Filters. The advanced multi-stage filter options ensure superior removal efficiency, making it suitable for diverse chemical processes and experiments.


Cleaned and free of contaminants, the airflow is then guided through internal ventilation where it is divided so just 40% is extracted to the duct extract system. The remaining 60% is recirculated back into the working chamber creating an air-curtain across the front aperture to provide containment and operator safety.

An additional key benefit of our hybrid technology is the extracted air is clean and filtered. The fumes are removed directly at the source without contaminating the building exhaust air. Intelligent airflow management optimises air circulation to reduce energy consumption while maintaining constant air quality.

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