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Circulaire® ATEX Rated Recirculating Fume Cupboard

An ATEX Rated Fume Cupboard is a requirement if your unit is to be located in an area with potentially flammable atmospheres. 

Areas with potentially flammable atmospheres must be void of sparks, including electrical components inside and outside of the unit’s airstream.

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Constructed from Fully Welded Mild Steel and Fully welded brushed stainless steel Chamber.


All electrical components including sockets, lighting and airflow monitoring system are suitable for ATEX environments.

ICON | Creating Clean Environments

Operator protection is provided through filters specified to your requirements and application.

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We offer complete Project Management from initial enquiry to installation and solution support.

Filtration Fume Cupboards can be installed anywhere within your workspace. Our advanced filtration technology, capture and absorbs pollutants produced during chemical handling at source, removing the requirement for ducting to an external environment.

What does ATEX (EX) mean? Our ATEX Rated Fume Hoods are not designed to contain explosions. ATEX is a combination of directives describing equipment and working environments allowed within an explosive atmosphere. Therefore an ATEX unit is designed to eliminate spark potential outside of the unit and reducing the chances of ignition within a flammable atmosphere.

Monmouth Scientific’s ATEX Fume Cupboard’s air filtration and containment performance meets ATEX Essential Health and Safety Requirements and complies with EN13463-1:2009. A specially engineered under-cupboard, containing ATEX Rated fan systems and a Vane Anemometer monitors the airflow to guarantee protection for your laboratory personnel and environment.


Product Specification

Model EX1400 EX1100
External Dimensions: 1400mm (w) x 900mm (d) x 2470mm (h) 1100mm (w) x 900mm (d) x 2470mm (h)
Internal Dimensions: 1385mm (w) x 680mm (d) x 1200mm (h) 1085mm (w) x 680mm (d) x 1200mm (h)
Aperture Size: 1120mm average (w) x 280mm (h) 820mm average (w) x 280mm (h)
Airflow Requirements: 650m3/h 475m3/h
Airflow Monitoring: Vane Anemometer
Face Velocity: 0.55m/sec
Main Filter Type: 2 x 16kg Carbon or large capacity HEPA 2 x 14kg Carbon or large capacity HEPA
Outlet Filter Type: 2 x 5Kg Carbon or large capacity HEPA 2 x 4Kg Carbon or large capacity HEPA
Pre-filter: SafeChange system (95% efficient at 0.5microns)
Internal Lighting: Atex rated explosion proof lamp
Electrical Requirements: 230V / 50Hz AC – 1200w 230V / 50Hz AC – 750w
Noise Level: circa. 59db(A) circa. 57db(A)
Construction: Fully welded brushed stainless steel

Protection For Your Requirements

Our range of Activated Carbon Filter Blends and HEPA Filter options have a high retention capacity that guarantees high filtration performance.

Identified by our experienced team, we guarantee the specification is suitable for your required application and process.

Filter Code Suitable for Removal of
AC  General Organic Compounds (iodine, Solvents, Odours etc)
ACID  Acidic Compounds (and general organics)
ACR  Alkali Compounds (and general organics)
AMM  Ammonia & amine compounds (and general organics)
CYN  Cyanide Compounds
ETHER  Ether Compounds (and general organics)
FORM  Aldehydes (and general organics)
SUL  Sulphur Compounds (and general organics)
MCH*  Special blend of up to 4 of the above carbon types
ED  Tri-Layered Filter for schools (organic, acid & alkali removed)
HEPA Particulate, 99.997% efficiency at 0.3µm
  • *For Multiple Applications, we combine up to four Carbon Blends (MCH) to create a Bespoke Filter for your exact requirements.

For more information on how our Market Leading Clean Air Solutions can benefit you, Contact our Technical Sales Specialists.

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    Monmouth Scientific | Product | ATEX Rated Fume Cupboard

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