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Circulaire®PCR Cabinets

The Circulaire® PCR650 is a 650mm wide clean air workstation designed for the safe and effective processing of PCR and other sterile samples.

Cabinets are fitted with the latest digital fans to ensure low noise and low energy consumption. Efficiency is improved further with the use of internal LED lighting and PIR movement sensors to shut off all non-essential electronic items when the cabinet senses a period of inactivity.

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What is a PCR Cabinet?

The cabinet provides an excellent sized working area and significantly lowers the risk of cross contamination of your PCR (Polymearse Chain Reaction) sample by providing a curtain of clean air (Laminar Flow) over the work surface. It offers better than ISO Class 5 clean air conditions over the entire working area by way of a HEPA filter. To further reduce the risk of cross contamination when preparing DNA/PCR samples, the Monmouth PCR cabinets are supplied complete with a time controlled UV light to completely sterilise the working area between samples.

4 individual pre-set time functions are provided as standard. Between amplifications simply place all pipettes, tubes and flasks into the cabinet and press the UV switch. After five minutes (or other preset time 0 – 30 minutes) the UV light automatically switches off and all potentially contaminating DNA & RNA will have been destroyed.

Testing for COVID-19 Using PCR Technology

COVID-19 infections can be diagnosed using polymerase chain reaction (PCR). PCR testing detects very small amounts of viral genetic materials in a sample by duplicating it many times over through a complex laboratory process called amplification.

Safe Operation

A removable, lightweight and interlocked night door is provided to ensure there is no risk of exposure to the UV light. This can be hung on the side of the cabinet when not in use. A stainless steel work surface is provided as standard.

Low Airflow Alarm

The work area itself can be sterilised using the built in UV light and interlocked night-door. It is fitted with an automatic timer to enable easy and accurate sterilization of the working area.

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Technical Data

External Dims (W x D x H) 650mm x 560mm x 875mm
Working Area (W x D) 640mm x 540mm
Air Cleanliness >ISO Class 5 (Class 100)
Noise Level Circa. 50db(A)
Laminar Airflow 0.4m/sec

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Monmouth Scientific appoint new Managing Director

Monmouth Scientific Limited are pleased to announce the appointment of new Managing Director Alan Holcombe.

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