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SKAN® Pure Laboratory Isolator

The SKAN® Pure Laboratory Isolator guarantees ISO Class 5 containment inside the enclosure and is ideally suited for aseptic and aseptic-toxic processes.

Closed containment ensures safe handling conditions even when working with highly hazardous products and a fast, reproducible H2O2 decontamination cycle (skanfog®) enables optimum cleanliness and validation of the system.

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The SKAN® Pure Laboratory Isolator combines extensive knowledge of laboratory workbenches and isolator technology, eliminating the requirement for a full Cleanroom environment. Selectable positive or negative pressure operation maintains cGMP cleanroom Class A, ISO 5 standards.

The modular, space saving design requires no connection to HVAC due to the integrated Skan Nano® catalyst system to allow autonomous operation.

The unit has two working chamber sizes available, either with two or four glove ports. The airlock (equipped as standard with a shelf) can be available on the right, on the left or on both sides.

Stainless steel Chamber and Airlocks provide a smooth and easy to clean working surface. User-friendly Touchscreen Control Interface technology built into the SKAN® Pure Laboratory Isolator allows the highest level of operator monitoring and control of product operation.

Monmouth Scientific | Product | Skanfog Pure Laboratory Isolator

Product Specification

External Dims (W x D x H) 2811mm x 955mm x 2277mm 3300mm x 955mm x 2277mm
Internal Dims (W x D x H) 1410mm x 715mm x 629mm 1895mm x 715mm x 629mm
Glove Ports 2 4
Operation Pressure Pa -60 or 60+ (TBD at Order)
Chamber + Airlocks Chamber + 2 x Airlocks
Power Consumption  3800 watts (Max.)
Sound Levels 65dB(A)
Monmouth Scientific | Product | Skanfog Pure Laboratory Isolator

Isolator Applications

The SKAN® Pure offers a wide application range from pharmaceutical-biotech laboratories to hospital and clinical pharmacies, from compounding operation to cell culture and genetics, from animal and research industries to medical field.


Fields of Application

  • Carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances (CMR)
  • Total parenteral nutrition (TPN)
  • Intravenous solution (IV)
  • Cytotoxic
  • Virostatic
  • Anti-neoplastic chemotherapy
  • Pathogenic microbiology / viruses
  • Transformed DNA
  • Small scale aseptic pharma production
  • Cell cultures
  • Quality control
  • Cell and Gene
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    Monmouth Scientific | Product | Skanfog Pure Laboratory Isolator

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