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Flexible WallCleanroom Canopies

Flexible Wall Clean Air Canopies can be constructed in any size or shape, offering cleanliness levels between ISO Class 6 and ISO Class 9.

Supplied with ceiling mounted Clean Air Module (CAM) filtration units, calibrated to recirculate air back into the room, air is drawn through a HEPA filter (99.997% efficient at 0.3 microns) creating a positive pressure and clean air environment.

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Clean Air Modules (CAM) use H14 HEPA filters with 99.997 % efficiency at 0.3 microns create a clean air environment within the room.


Standard and Custom Flexi-Wall Spaces to suit your application and cleanliness requirements.

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A variety of levels of cleanliness can be achieved in accordance with ISO Cleanroom BS EN ISO 14644-1 Standards.


A portable system that allows a working area to be quickly reconfigured, immediately adding cleanroom capacity.

Flexible Wall Cleanroom Canopies can be assembled on site in a few hours, with strip curtains are hung on all sides or the zintec powder coated steel frame.

The frame is available with adjustable feet for permanently locating in a fixed area, or mounted on lockable wheels, making it easily manoeuvrable over equipment when necessary. Furthermore, the frame can be suspended from a ceiling or framework above to give unhindered access to the working area. Each unit also has its own speed controller fitted.

Monmouth can provide a full service through from design and initial specification through to a full turnkey installation with free, no-obligation initial site surveys and planning.

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Key Features & Benefits

Monmouth Scientific’s Flexible Wall Cleanroom Canopies are trusted by scientists and engineers around the world, working pharmaceutical, aerospace and manufacturing applications.


Fields Of Application

  • Aerospace & Engineering
  • Laboratories and Research
  • Industrial Manufacture
  • Mechatronics and Precision engineering
  • Watchmaker and Optics

ISO Class Environments

A variety of levels of cleanliness can be achieved in accordance with ISO Cleanroom BS EN ISO 14644-1 Standards.

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High-Quality Filters

High-quality HEPA filters are 99.997% efficient at 0.3 microns, creates an ISO Class 4 Clean Environment.


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