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Circulaire® Downflow Workstation

The Circulaire® Downflow Workstation offers high efficiency recirculating fume extraction, designed to ensure operator safety from hazardous vapours generated on the work surface.

The workstation can be used in a wide variety of applications including: including tissue culturing, microbiology, histology, and molecular biology. They are used for activities such as slide preparation, staining, dissection, and handling of infectious or hazardous materials.

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Efficient removal of harmful substances from the laboratory environment to provide a healthy and safe workspace for personnel.


Operator protection is provided through filters specified to your requirements and application.

ICON | Tailored to Your Application

Ideally sized for single operator use when lab space is at a premium.

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Power Output reduced, Lighting and Display Deactivated and Fan Speed Reduced to 50% after a period of operator inactivity.

Downward airflow in the chamber protects the operator and provides protection from fumes and particulate by drawing air through the stainless-steel perforated work surface.

Airflow is directed through large capacity Activated Carbon Filters. With a wide choice of Activated Carbon blends (removal of chemical vapours and fumes) and HEPA filters (removal of particulate) available to suit your application, the Circulaire® Downflow range suitable for many different pathology, microbiology and forensic applica­tions, including slide preparation, staining and minor dissection.

Monmouth Scientific | Product | Downflow Workstation

Product Specification

Model W700 W1000
External Dims (W x D x H) 700mm x 600mm x 840mm 1000mm x 600mm x 840mm
Internal Dims (W x D x H) 696mm x 540mm x 400mm 996mm x 540mm x 400mm
Primary Filters Large Capacity Activated Carbon or HEPA Filters
Power Consumption  250 Watts 300 Watts
Sound Levels circa. 53dB (A) circa. 53dB (A)
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    Monmouth Scientific | Product | Downflow Workstation

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