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Circulaire® Downflow Bench

The Circulaire® Downflow Benches offer high efficiency ductless fume extraction, designed to ensure operator safety from hazardous vapours generated on the work surface.

The benches can be used in a wide variety of applications including: including tissue culturing, microbiology, histology, and molecular biology. They are used for activities such as slide preparation, staining, dissection, and handling of infectious or hazardous materials.

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Efficient removal of harmful substances from the laboratory environment to provide a healthy and safe workspace for personnel.


Standard and Custom units to suit your requirements and application.


Operator protection is provided through filters specified to your requirements and application.

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Power Output reduced, Lighting and Display Deactivated and Fan Speed Reduced to 50% after a period of operator inactivity.

Unrestricted front and side access facilitates applications requiring complex and intensive operator involvement. Downward airflow in the chamber safeguards personnel and provides protection from fumes and particulate by drawing air through the stainless steel perforated work surface.

With a choice of Activated Carbon Filter blends available to suit many healthcare, laboratory and forensic applications, Circulaire® Downflow Benches also offer bepsoke options including; Washdown Facilites, Water Supplies and Electrical Height Adjustment.



Monmouth Scientific | Product | Downflow Bench

Product Specification

Model* DFB1000 DFB1200 DFB1500 DFB1800 DFB2000
External (W x D x H) 1000mm x 750mm x 900mm 1200mm x 750mm x 900mm 1500mm x 750mm x 900mm 1800mm x 750mm x 900mm 2000mm x 750mm x 900mm
Ventilated Area (W x D) 800mm x 500mm 650mm x 450mm 700mm x 500mm 1000mm x 500mm 600mm x 450mm (2no.)
Primary Filter Large Capacity Activated Carbon or H14 HEPA Filter – 99.97% efficient at 0.3um
Sink Dimensions
400mm x 350mm x 250mm

*Also Manufactured to Custom Size Requirements.

Monmouth Scientific | Products | Downflow
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