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Circulaire®Downflow Bench

Our Downflow Benches offer high efficiency ductless fume extraction, designed to ensure operator safety from hazardous vapours generated on the work surface.


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Unrestricted front and side access facilitates applications requiring complex and intensive operator involvement. Downward airflow in the chamber protects the operator and provides protection from fumes and particulate by drawing air through the stainless steel perforated work surface, ensuring compliance with COSHH regulations.

With a wide choice of Activated Carbon (removal of chemical vapours and fumes) and HEPA filters removal of particulate) available to suit your application, the Circulaire® Downflow range is constructed from a epoxy powder coated steel frame and suitable for many different laboratory, industrial and forensic applications, including: slide staining or minor dissection, routine testing on a laboratory bench and extraction in a production facility.



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Recirculating or Ducted

Benches can be designed either as Recirculating, utilising Carbon Filters, or Ducted directly to the atmosphere, dependent upon requirements.

Our experienced Design Team enable us to offer bespoke Downflow Bench units including Height Adjustable and Ducted solutions.

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