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Clean Tent

The Clean Tent offers a unique and flexible solution for creating controlled environments. A portable ISO 5 system that allows a working area to be quickly reconfigured, immediately adding cleanroom capacity wherever it is required.

Intended for users that require temporary cleanroom facilities, the solution is engineered for easy manoeuvrability and high performance. Its fully portable design means the Clean Tent does not require planning, estates or building permissions and compared to constructing permanent cleanrooms, provides a more affordable option, saving on construction costs, maintenance expenses, and the need for extensive facility modifications.

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Clean Air Modules (CAM) use U14 ULPA filters with 99.9995 % efficiency at 0.12 microns create a clean air environment.

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Temporary cleanroom facilities or clean storage, quickly and easily constructed for high performance.

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A variety of levels of cleanliness can be achieved in accordance with ISO Cleanroom BS EN ISO 14644-1 Standards.


A portable system that allows a working area to be quickly reconfigured, immediately adding cleanroom capacity.

The ISO Class 5 environment ensures the controlled environment necessary for critical operations. ULPA (Ultra-Low Particulate Air) filters effectively remove particles down to 0.12 microns with an efficiency of 99.9995% minimising the risk of contamination during sensitive operations.

The Clean Tent utilises horizontal cross air flow, also using the positive pressure generated to keep the tent inflated. Air enters through the filter at workstation level and travels in a laminar flow across the workstation envelope. At the fringes of the envelope, positively pressurised air diverges uniformly toward the zipper in the skirt, preventing contamination returning  to the envelope.

Designed for easy installation and portability. They are lightweight and modular, allowing for quick setup and dismantling as needed. A ULPA Bag protects the whole fan filter unit including the ULPA and pre-filter, while the tent also fits neatly into a Tent Bag when in transport or storage.

An anti-static reinforced Tryoll ground sheet creates a tough durable base unit. The one-piece top tent comprises two compartments; an entry airlock/ gowning room and the main work cabin, which is contained within a high-quality PVC envelope, making good use of ambient lighting.

Interconnecting Vinyl Floor is easy to fit and, once laid, the surface can easily be extended, removed, or relocated. The floor covering is suitable for heavy traffic and resistant to chemical attacks and decontamination.

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Monmouth Scientific | Product | Clean Tent
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Product Specification

Model Tent 675 Tent 750 Tent 1700
External Size (WxHxD) 3650mm x 2500mm x 2150mm 4250mm x 2500m x 2150mm 6100mm x 3650mm x 2150mm
Change Area (WxDxH)
600mm x 2500mm x 2150mm 600mm x 2500mm x 2150mm 1200mm x 3650mm x 2150mm
Working Area (WxDxH)
3050mm x 2500mm x 2150mm 3650mm x 2500mm x 2150mm 4900mm x 3650mm x 2150mm
ISO Cleanliness ISO Class 5
Filters Main Filter(s): U15 ULPA | Pre Filter(s): G4 Filter
Face Velocity 0.45 m/sec
Air System The fan filter units (FFU) provides up to 1100 m3 /hr. Controlled by a variable-speed rotary dial.
Construction The one-piece top tent comprises two compartments; contained within a high quality PVC envelope. A  made from anti-static reinforced Tryoll Ground Sheet. Ceiling Fixing Clips and Bungee Cord.  Aluminium FFU Mounting Frame
Power 240v Standard Mains Plug.
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Key Features & Benefits

Monmouth Scientific’s Clean Tents find applications in various industries where creating controlled and sterile environments is crucial.


Fields Of Application

  • Emergency and Field Humanitarian Operations
  • Automotive and Precision Engineering
  • Medical Device Production
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Aerospace and Defence

ISO Class Environments

A variety of levels of cleanliness can be achieved in accordance with ISO Cleanroom BS EN ISO 14644-1 Standards.

ICON | Creating Clean Environments

High-Quality Filters

High-quality ULPA filters are 99.9995% efficient at 0.12 microns, creates an ISO Class 4 Clean Environment.

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