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Clean AirModules

Clean Air Modules (CAM) can be fitted to a wall, floor or ceiling designed to create a positive pressure environment within Cleanrooms.

These systems have varied air speed controls and provide clean air through an EU4 grade pre filter and an H14 HEPA filter, which is 99.997% efficient at 0.3 microns.

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Clean Air Modules (CAM) use H14 HEPA filters with 99.997 % efficiency at 0.3 microns create a clean air environment.

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A variety of levels of cleanliness can be achieved in accordance with ISO Cleanroom BS EN ISO 14644-1 Standards.

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Laminar air flow prevents contamination inside the work space.

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Power Output reduced, Lighting and Display Deactivated and Fan Speed Reduced to 50% after a period of operator inactivity.

Our Clean Air and Air Filtration Systems can be used for a variety of applications including the removal of chemical fumes and particulate impurities from the environment.

The clean air systems can be fitted to a wall, floor or ceiling with a variety of types of activated carbon filters to remove different chemical fumes or noxious smells, alternatively, they can be fitted with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters for particulate and bacteria removal.

In order to ensure ISO Class Clean Air classifications our Clean Room Modules are required to adhere to strict Air Change Per Hour regulations.

They deliver a maximum air volume per hour, allowing for the optimal number of CAM units to be installed and in the case of the

CAMT2000 and CAM2250, can be linked to a single control hub for easy of operation.

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Product Specification

Model CAM2250 CAM1000 CAM-F1500
Dimensions (W x D x H) 965mm x 965mm x 350mm 965mm x 665mm x 300mm 750mm x 660mm x 970m
Airflow 0-2250m3/hr 0-1000m3/hr 0-1500m3/hr
Controls Mains On/Off Switch, Low Airflow Warning, Light Switch Mains On/Off Switch
Air Cleanliness >ISO 5 directly at the filter face
HEPA Filter H14 – 99.997% efficient @ 0.3µm – changeable from Inside room
Pre Filter 2no. deep pleat units – changeable from above Deep pleat units – changeable from above Deep pleat units
Sound circa. 67dB(A) circa. 54db(A)
Weight 57kg 35kg
Power 575W 240v 50Hz – 400w

Key Features & Benefits

Monmouth Scientific’s Modular Cleanrooms are trusted by scientists and engineers around the world, working pharmaceutical, aerospace and manufacturing applications.


Fields Of Application

  • Aerospace & Engineering
  • Laboratories and Research
  • Industrial Manufacture
  • Mechatronics and Precision engineering
  • Watchmaker and Optics

ISO Class Environments

A variety of levels of cleanliness can be achieved in accordance with ISO Cleanroom BS EN ISO 14644-1 Standards.

ICON | Creating Clean Environments

High-Quality Filters

High-quality HEPA filters are 99.997% efficient at 0.3 microns, creates an ISO Class 4 Clean Environment.


Eco Mode

PIR Sensors ensure efficient energy consumption by placing the cabinet in Eco Mode after a period of operator inactivity.

  • Cabinet Power Output reduced.
  • LED Lighting and Visionaire® Display Deactivated
  • Fan Speed reduced to 50%

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