Client Background

Technical injection moulder Polymermedics is an expert in plastic technology and high precision tool manufacture. The Cornwall based firm have been producing plastic components and assemblies for clients in the global medical, hygiene and pharmaceutical industries for over 30 years.

Key Objectives

Production Manager Ian Hagley approached Monmouth Scientific in search of a solution to guarantee a highly clean environment within which to mix the chemicals used in the process of producing dental cores for root canal treatments. Having previously only manufactured the plastic central component used in the process, Polymermedics moved to expand the firm’s competencies and bring the entire process in-house.

Our Solution

Monmouth Scientific | Case Studies | PolymermedicsOur experienced team identified the Circulaire® PRO Recirculating Fume Cupboard as the ideal solution to meet the needs of the Polymermedics’ technicians. Four 1100mm wide units were installed into the company’s new, purpose built cleanroom, each unit being utilised for a specific area of the manufacturing process.

The Circulaire® Recirculating Fume Cupboards feature the very latest in air filtration technology, could be installed anywhere within the workspace and thanks to our advanced carbon technology, required no ducting to an external environment.

Airflow is guided towards the interior in order to prevent released aerosols from leaving the controlled working area. Our range of Activated Carbon Filters have a high retention capacity to effectively trap solvent vapours at the source.

The units are fitted with ultra-deep Activated Carbon filters to guarantee maximum fume filtration efficiency. Air is initial drawn in from the laboratory before passing through the Carbon Filters, removing all contaminated particles from the process of mixing the chemicals and recirculating clean air back in the working environment ensuring the safety of Polymermedics staff. Recirculating clean air back into your laboratory or working environment ensures that non-ducted solutions are more environmentally friendly than a ducted option, and the impact of exhausting fumes to the outside atmosphere is substantially reduced.

The units including an automatic, sliding safety sash, advanced Visionaire® Touchscreen Control System and Eco-Operation mode. PIN controlled supervisor settings and mutable alarms ensure that the system integrates seamlessly into the laboratory environment.

“The Recirculating Fume Cupboards guarantee us the protection we require when handling potentially hazardous chemicals.

Monmouth Scientific have designed really superb, user friendly and efficient solutions for our specific needs.”

Ian Hagley; Production Manager, Polymermedics