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Circulaire® Recirculating Fume Cupboard + Touchscreen

Recirculating Fume Cupboards can be installed anywhere within your workspace and, thanks to our advanced carbon filtration technology, require no ducting to an external environment.


We offer Activated Carbon, for Chemical Filtration or HEPA Filters, for Particulate, or a combination if your application requires.

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Constructed from Fully Welded Mild Steel. Polyester Powder Coat prevents corrosion.

ICON | Tailored to Your Application

Standard and Custom units to suit your requirements and application.

ICON | Creating Clean Environments

Operator protection is provided through filters specified to your requirements and application. 

MonSci-Icons-ECO Mode

Power Output reduced, Lighting and Display Deactivated and Fan Speed Reduced to 50% after a period of operator inactivity.

Our range of Ductless Fume Cupboards are the ideal solution for laboratory workspaces situated in older and listed buildings where the installation of externally vented duct systems can be problematic and in working environments where a mobile solution is required.

Recirculating clean air back into your laboratory or working environment ensures that Ductless Fume Hood solutions are more environmentally friendly than a Ducted option, and the environmental impact of exhausting fumes to the outside atmosphere.

Airflow is guided towards the interior in order to prevent released aerosols from leaving the controlled working area. Our range of Activated Carbon Filters have a high retention capacity to effectively trap solvent vapours at the source.

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Product Specification

Model CT 800 CT1100 CT1400 CT1800
External Dims (WxHxD) 800mm x 1285mm x 700mm* 1100mm x 1285mm x 700mm* 1400mm x 1285mm x 700mm* 1800mm x 1285mm x 700mm*
Aperture (WxH)
500mm x 274mm 800mm x 274mm 1100mm x 274mm 1500mm x 274mm
Sash Folding
Power  61W 161W 161W 276W
Weight  91kg 132kg 140kg 200kg
Filters Large Capacity CARBON or HEPA + Optional Outlet Filter
Sound <53dB <61dB <59dB <55dB
  • *Optional HEPA Outlet +25mm/Optional Carbon Outlet -25mm Height  
  • **Max. Height 1345mm (Fully Open Sash)
  • ***Optional HEPA Outlet +10mm/Optional Carbon Outlet -25mm Height
Model CTPro 800 CTPro 1100 CTPro 1400 CTPro 1800
External Dims (WxHxD) 800mm x 1275mm** x 700mm*** 1100mm x 1275mm** x 700mm** 1400mm x 1275mm** x 700mm** 1800mm x 1275mm** x 700mm**
Aperture (WxH)
670mm x 280mm (Working)/500mm (Max) 970mm x 280mm (Working)/500mm (Max) 1270mm x 280mm (Working)/500mm (Max) 1570mm x 280mm (Working)/500mm (Max)
Sash Sliding 
Power  57W 207W 207W 322W
Weight  104kg 141kg 167kg 184kg
Filters Large Capacity CARBON or HEPA + Optional Outlet Filter
Sound <53dB <61dB <59dB <55dB
  • *Optional HEPA Outlet +25mm/Optional Carbon Outlet -25mm Height  
  • **Max. Height 1345mm (Fully Open Sash)
  • ***Optional HEPA Outlet +10mm/Optional Carbon Outlet -25mm Height
Carbon Code  Suitable for Removal of
AC  General Organic Compounds (iodine, Solvents, Odours etc)
ACID  Acidic Compounds (and general organics)
ACR  Alkali Compounds (and general organics)
AMM  Ammonia & amine compounds (and general organics)
CYN  Cyanide Compounds
ETHER  Ether Compounds (and general organics)
FORM  Aldehydes (and general organics)
SUL  Sulphur Compounds (and general organics)
MCH  Special blend of up to 4 of the above carbon types
ED  Tri-Layered Filter for schools (organic, acid & alkali removed)
Monmouth Scientific | Product | Recirculating Fume Cupboard

Key Features & Benefits


Fields of Application

  • Laboratories and Research.
  • Manufacturing and Quality Control
  • Forensic Analysis.
  • Biotech and Life Sciences.
  • Hospitals and Pharmacies.

ICON | Creating Clean Environments

High-Quality Filters

The high-quality filters guarantee toxic fume removal and air purification more efficient, effective and safe.

  • Activated Carbon Filters; Suitable for more than 500 Chemicals.
  • HEPA Filters; Suitable for Particulate, 99.997% efficiency at 0.3µm.

ICON | Complete Project Management

Safety Conformity

Fully compliant to BS7989:2001 for Filtration Fume/Particulate Cupboards and COSHH regulations.


Touchscreen Interface

The Visionaire® Touchscreen Control Interface technology built into our Recirculating Fume Cupboards allows the highest level of operator monitoring and control of product operation.


  • Base Stand
  • Gas & Water Supplies
  • Additional Cable Entry Points
  • Vented Under Cupboards
  • Double Electrical Sockets
  • Stainless Steel, Polypropylene or PVC Enclosures

MonSci-Product-Fume Cupboard

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    Monmouth Scientific | Product | Recirculating Fume Cupboard

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