Many laboratories, hospital pharmacies and similar facilities are faced with a challenge: For the handling of active cytostatic substances or pathogenic microbiology, the working environment is being subjected to ever higher safety requirements. To set up a small A-zone in a D-zone cleanroom for aseptic small volume production (small-scale GMP), there is also a need for a practical isolated safety workplace (closed containment).

Closed “Isolator Workbenches” already exist. However, when viewed more closely, such “converted safety workbenches” are a compromise solution that leave many user demands unfulfilled.

Therefore, it is high time for a true small isolator, tailored precisely to such application areas, that accommodates limited space and budget resources, and yet has all the characteristics of a large production isolator: The SKAN® pure multipurpose laboratory isolator.

SKAN® pure Multipurpose Isolator – the essence of an isolator

A unique combination of expertise in isolators and safety workbenches has enabled SKAN to develop a closed workspace that meets both current and future laboratory requirements. By reducing to the essentials, SKAN® pure offers a cost-effective alternative to high-priced production isolators. Due to compact design, even limited space presents no challenge. No adjustments are needed on the building side, neither for installation (fits through standard doors), nor for operation (the isolator runs autonomously in terms of ventilation, and only requires connections for electricity and compressed air).

Patented SKAN Technologies

SKAN lives up to its reputation as an innovation leader in the industry. In addition to technical know-how, it is essential to maintain close contact and ongoing dialogue with users. This is the only way to create technologies that will enhance user-friendliness. Several SKAN innovations have been implemented in the SKANFOG®PURE laboratory isolator.

One example is the SKAN® decontamination process, which is based on a new type of micro-nebulization of the decontamination agent hydrogen peroxide. At the push of a button, either the airlocks or the working chamber of the laboratory isolator can be decontaminated. For this purpose, H2Ois nebulized directly in the working area via a pressure nozzle. Compared to the conventional method of vaporising the H2O2, SKAN® offers several advantages. For example, a smaller quantity of H2Ois used, which significantly shortens the decontamination process. Direct spraying in the working chamber is also more gentle on the filters, compared to vaporising, where H2O2 can be pressed through the filters. In the SKAN NANOX®catalytic converter, the H2Ois decomposed. It is directly integrated in the appliance, allowing autonomous operation in the laboratory, independent of on-site connections such as exhausts.

The stainless interior surfaces have a minimum amount of seams, and is easy to clean. The housing is made of rugged ABS Polymer. Different types of gloves are available. The transfer airlock can be installed on the left, right, or on both sides.

Wide range of applications

SKAN® pure can be configured as a positive or negative pressure version, depending on customer requirements. The wide range of application can be universally adapted. It enables handling of CMR substances, small-scale pharmaceutical production, total parenteral nutrition (TPN), cell culture applications, Cell & Gene, handling of hazardous microbiology, quality control, and many more tasks that require isolation.

Thanks to its external resemblance to a safety workbench and the complex inner workings of a modern high-tech isolator, SKAN® pure offers the following benefits:

  • Containment Grade A, ISO Class 5
  • Unprecedented level of work and operator safety due to isolated work area
  • Fastest possible decontamination process, at the touch of a button
  • Autonomous operation, requiring no connections on the building side
  • Easy installation (plug-and-play)
  • Accommodates limited space and budget resources

So why not approach your future projects with a view to proactive occupational and product safety?

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