NIKON Precision sought to enhance its semi-conductor machinery refurbishment process by incorporating an advanced cleanroom facility into its existing structure in Scotland.

The objective was to establish a controlled environment that conforms to strict cleanliness and contamination standards, crucial for the delicate processes involved in semi-conductor manufacturing processes.


Monmouth Scientific was chosen to design and install a Modular Cleanroom that meets the specific requirements of the team at Nikon. The resulting structure spans 10 meters in width, 5 meters in length, and a bespoke 3.4 meters in height, classified as ISO 8, to 14644-1 standards.

Monmouth Scientific | Modular Cleanroom | NIKON Precision


Modular Design: The cleanroom features a modular design, utilising a robust aluminium framework coupled with aluminium composite materials and clear, non-break polycarbonate windowpanes. This modular approach allows for easy reconfiguration or expansion of the cleanroom to accommodate future needs.

ISO 8 Classification: To meet the ISO 8 classification, the cleanroom incorporates technologies to control particulate contamination and maintain an environment conducive to the refurbishment of semi-conductor machinery.

Flexible Slide Curtains: A key feature of this cleanroom, the flexible slide curtain system facilitates easy and efficient access for the movement of large, refurbished semi-conductor machinery in and out of the manufacturing cell. This guarantees that the entry and exit points can accommodate sizable equipment while maintaining the integrity of the controlled environment.

Sustainability + Energy Efficiency: In line with Monmouth Scientific’s commitment to environmental responsibility, the cleanroom design integrates features including reduced power output and an automatic eco mode, which decreases energy consumption when the room is not actively being used.


The implementation of the Monmouth Scientific Modular Cleanroom has significantly impacted NIKON Precision refurbishment process by:

Enhancing Contamination Control: The cleanroom’s-controlled environment drastically reduces the risk of contamination, which is critical for the precision required in semi-conductor machinery refurbishment.

Operational Efficiency: The sliding curtains and modular design provide operational flexibility, allowing for easy adjustments and efficient handling of equipment, leading to smoother workflows and enhanced productivity.

Monmouth Scientific’s solution not only met the immediate needs of NIKON Precision but also provided scalability and adaptability for future requirements. The specifically selected yellow flexible slide curtain system effectively blocks out light, essential when using photoresist chemicals as needed.

The project underscores Monmouth Scientific’s expertise in creating bespoke cleanroom environments that merge functionality with sustainability, making them a partner of choice for organisations aiming to enhance their technological capabilities within controlled environments.



NIKON Precision.

West Lothian, Scotland.


ISO Class 8 Modular Cleanroom

10m (W) x 5m (L) x 3.4m (H).


Refurbishment of Semi-Conductor Systems.


Joe Brazier, Mike Davies, Conner Ward-RichardS & Adam Thomas.

“On site we refurbish and modify older Nikon Semi-conductor equipment, which is still very much in demand. To maintain a controlled clean environment for the sensitive equipment we required a dedicated manufacturing cell. On occasion customers will also inspect equipment prior to delivery, so it is important for us to show them we are maintaining a high levels of cleanliness when refurbishing.

The project was completed very efficiently, from discussing the options right through to the installation. We are very pleased with the whole process, with Monmouth Scientific willing to accommodate changes and answer all queries.”

Richard Maughan, Field Service Manager – Nikon Precision.