Client Background

The Manchester Brain Bank, based at the University of Manchester, collects and supplies human brain tissues for research locally, nationally and internationally. The Brain Bank has made major contributions to the identification of the major genetic mutations associated with neurodegenerative diseases.

Key Objectives

Dr Andrew Robinson Brain Bank Manager approached Monmouth Scientific in search of a solution to guarantee a highly clean environment. The staff at the Brain Bank previously had to carry out dissections at the local Salford Royal Mortuary.

The dissections are essential for the diagnostics and research, which underpin the work of Manchester Brain Bank. The addition of a Downflow Bench on site meant the team would be able to work efficiently and no longer have to move sensitive material outside of the facility.

Monmouth Scientific | Case Studies | Manchester Brain BankOur Solution

  • 1500mm Circulaire® Downflow Bench.

The Circulaire® Downflow Bench was the ideal solution to meet the needs of Dr Robinson and his team, changing the way researchers handle delicate brain specimens, ensuring precision and sterility.

Downflow Benches create a highly efficient controlled environment, maintaining a consistent flow of ultra-clean air that eliminates contaminants and protects the user and environment from hazardous vapours generated on the work surface when working with brain tissue. This means the samples are protected from external factors, ensuring their integrity throughout the research process.

The innovative airflow system plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Researchers were able to work confidently, knowing that their samples remained free from any unwanted interference, leading to more reliable and accurate results.

Ergonomic design, means scientists at the Manchester Brain Bank experienced enhanced comfort and improved workflow. The workspace allowed for seamless handling and analysis, contributing to increased productivity and efficiency.

The Circulaire® Downflow Bench can be used in a wide variety of applications including: including tissue culturing, microbiology, histology, and molecular biology. They are used for activities such as slide preparation, staining, dissection, and handling of infectious or hazardous materials.

Unrestricted access to the unit facilitates applications requiring complex and intensive operator involvement. Downward airflow in the chamber work with Activated Carbon Filters to protect the operator providing protection from fumes and particulate by drawing air through the stainless steel perforated work surface, ensuring compliance with COSHH regulations. With a choice of Activated Carbon Filter blends available to suit many healthcare, laboratory and forensic applications.

“We are very pleased with our purchase. The Downflow Bench allows us to work freely without constraints, a welcome addition to our facility.

Our experience was positive from start to finish. Very helpful and went above and beyond to ensure we could get the Downflow Bench into the building and safely set up.”

Dr Andrew Robinson; Brain Bank Manager, Manchester Brain Bank.