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Circulaire®Touchscreen Fume Cupboards

The Circulaire® Touchscreen Filtration Fume Cupboards solutions feature the very latest in air filtration technology.

The high-quality filters are 30% larger than rival cabinets and significantly deeper, making the laboratory fume removal and air purification more efficient, effective and safe.

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The Circulaire® Filtration Fume Cupboard is fitted with ultra-deep Activated Carbon or HEPA filters to guarantee maximum fume filtration efficiency. 

The main filters consist of activated carbon that will be specifically matched to your application and are monitored with a hydrocarbon detection system to assist in the replacement of carbon filters. As an alternative, a HEPA filter may be specified with containment of particulate to 99.997% efficiency at 0.3µm

Fully compliant with COSHH regulations and international standards including BS7989:2001 for Filtration Fume/Particulate Cupboards. Our revolutionary Visionaire® Touchscreen Control Interface is integrated into the cabinet to control & monitor all aspects of product operation.

The cabinets are constructed from fully welded mild steel that has been polyester powder coated to prevent corrosion. The range is also fitted with the latest digital high-performance fans to ensure low noise operation and low energy consumption, using a fraction of the power consumption of rival models. The work surface is a removable, one piece crevice free moulded GRP tray with high lipped sides ensuring any spillage is contained within the cabinet. A cable entry flap is also supplied as standard on all models.

The unit’s Sliding Sash (CTPro Model) or Folding Sash (CT Model) allows excellent access to the work area with a sash height of 280mm. Overhead LED lighting ensures the work area is well lit and easy to work in.

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Circulaire® Touchscreen Technical Data

CT 800 CT1100 CT1400 CT1800
External Dims (WxHxD) 800mm x 1285mm x 700mm* 1100mm x 1285mm x 700mm* 1400mm xx 1285mm x 700mm* 1800mm x 1285mm x 700mm*
Aperture (WxH) 500mm x 274mm 800mm x 274mm 1100mm x 274mm 1500mm x 274mm
Face Velocity Typically set at 0.55m/sec – Can be adjusted depending upon application
Sound <53dB <61dB <59dB <55dB
Main Filters Large Capacity CARBON or HEPA
Outlet Large Capacity CARBON or HEPA (Optional)
Power 61W 161W 161W 276W
Weight 91kg 132kg 140kg 200kg

*Optional HEPA Outlet +25mm/Optional Carbon Outlet -25mm Height

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Circulaire® Touchscreen PRO Technical Data

CTPro 800 CTPro 1100 CTPro 1400 CTPro 1800
External Dims (WxHxD) 800mm x 1275mm x 700mm* 1100mm x 1275mm x 700mm* 1400mm x 1275mm x 700mm* 1800mm x 1275mm x 700mm*
Aperture (WxH) 670mm x 280mm (Working Height)/500mm (Max. Height) 970mm x 280mm (Working Height)/500mm (Max. Height) 1270mm x 280mm (Working Height)/500mm (Max. Height) 1570mm x 280mm (Working Height)/500mm (Max. Height)
Face Velocity Typically set at 0.55m/sec – Can be adjusted depending upon application
Sound <53dB <61dB <59dB <55dB
Main Filters Large Capacity CARBON or HEPA
Outlet Large Capacity CARBON or HEPA (Optional)
Power 57W 207W 207W 322W
Weight 104kg 141kg 167kg 184kg

*Optional HEPA Outlet +10mm/Optional Carbon Outlet -25mm Height *Max. Height 1345mm (Fully Open Sash)


Activated Carbon Filters

AC  General Organic Compounds (iodine, Solvents, Odours etc)
ACID  Acidic Compounds (and general organics)
ACR  Alkali Compounds (and general organics)
AMM  Ammonia & amine compounds (and general organics)
CYN  Cyanide Compounds
ETHER  Ether Compounds (and general organics)
FORM  Aldehydes (and general organics)
SUL  Sulphur Compounds (and general organics)
MCH  Special blend of up to 4 of the above carbon types
ED  Tri-Layered Filter for schools (organic, acid & alkali removed)

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