We spent May 2022 installing some large cabinet suites across the country. 

Installation Engineer, Ali visited CatSci Ltd in Cardiff to install and commission their suite of 4 new CT Pro Recirculating Fume Cupboards.

The pharmaceutical manufacturing firm provide chemistry expertise to meet evolving healthcare needs and will be utilising the Fume Cupboards to strengthen their tailored services and dynamic drug substance development.

The Circulaire® CT Pro is fitted with ultra-deep Activated Carbon or HEPA filters to guarantee maximum fume filtration efficiency and The unit’s sliding Sash allows excellent access to the working area.

Installation Engineer Darwood travelled to Cambridge based, Biotechnology firm Xap Therapeutics to install two brand new MSC1800 Class 2 Biological Safety Cabinets, adding to their suite of Monmouth Scientific solutions which already includes our Laminar Flow Cabinets.

The cabinets will be used to continue research in cell therapies and improvement in the treatment of serious disease, including autoimmunity and cancer. Used in microbiology labs, pharmaceutical labs, and cancer research labs, Class 2 Biological Safety cabinets protect the bacteria, viruses, and carcinogens being manipulated inside the cabinet while shielding them from outside contamination.

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