April 2022 was the month we started the company’s new and exciting chapter at our new purpose built HQ; Monmouth House. The 48,000 sq/ft Facilty houses our expanding business as we continue our commitment to the Highest Quality Manufacturing, Customer Service and Product Development. All our departments are now under one roof and once we have settled into our new home, if you would like to visit us and enjoy a tour of our facility, please get in touch.

Our Installation Engineer, Jack, headed to Lewisham Hospital to install and commission a new Class 1 BiologicalSafety Cabinet. Commissioning a BiologicalSafetyCabinet is an intricate process involving DOP testing of all accessible filters, KI Discus containment testing and both downflow and inflow testing. During the KI-DISCUS process a fine mist of potassium iodide droplets, produced by a spinning disk, is used as a challenge aerosol to measure the containment. A knowledge of the number of droplets in the challenge produced by the mist generator and the number collected in the air samplers enables the #protectionfactor for the cabinet to be calculated. All open-fronted microbiological safety cabinets are assessed on this protection factor.

Service and Engineers Ali and Mike also completed the installation of an ISO Class 7, 3m x 2m Cleanroom at the University of SussexDue to the low ceiling height, Air cleaning filtration devices are fixed to the outside walls of the The Modular Cleanrooms and as air enters the room it is drawn through a HEPA filter creating a positive pressure and clean air environment.

At the end of the month, we made the trip to Making Pharmaceuticals in Coventry for our first exhibition of the year. Sales and Marketing Manager Lewis Irish and Technical Sales Expert Sean White set up on Stand 118, alongside our partners from SKAN, to showcase the NEW Circulaire Powder Containment Cabinet. Offering Precise Weighing And Personal Protection the Powder Containment Cabinet is designed to contain powders while using Micro and Semi-Micro Balances. Operating personnel and the surrounding environment are protected effectively against contamination of toxic substances..

For more information on how our Market Leading Clean Air Solutions can benefit you, contact Monmouth Scientific’s Technical Sales Experts on; +44(0)1278 458090 or email info@monmouthscientific.co.uk.