Control all aspects of operation

Visionaire® Touchscreen Control from Monmouth Scientific

Our revolutionary Visionaire® Touchscreen Control Interface is designed to control & monitor all aspects of product operation.

Insightful and Intuitive Control

The Colour Screen (7″ or 4.3″ depending on product) has over 130,000 pixels and alerts operators if system parameters are not being met, offering a wide range of functions:

  • Automatic ECO mode, switches off lighting and electronic display after a period of operator inactivity*
  • Airflow Monitoring with actual airflow readings in m/sec or ft/min
  • Electronic monitoring of pressure drop across filter face in pascals
  • Automatic airflow compensation maintains air speeds at the correct predetermined level
  • Audible* and highly visual alarms should levels exceed specified limits
  • Lighting brightness adjustment
  • Easily identified warning and maintenance messages
  • Fan running indicator
  • Cabinet hours run time indicator
  • Service interval monitoring
  • Cabinet information screen with: date of commissioning, date of last & next service, filter fitment dates,cabinet serial number and filter part numbers.
  • Optional UV light with electronically interlocked night door for ultimate operator safety**
  • Programmable UV light system including delayed operation and UV times with timer countdown**
  • UV light hours run indicator**
  • PIN number access to Engineer & Supervisor settings
    *Can be deactivated if preferred
    **Factory Fitted Option

The Visionaire® control system has been designed and manufactured in the UK by Monmouth specifically for our range of laboratory Cabinets and has also been incorporated into our CAMT2000 Fan Filter Module.

What Can Monmouth Offer?

At Monmouth Scientific, we are leading designers, manufacturers, suppliers and supporters of clean air technology. As a respected company who have served a number of leading private and Government organisations, we strive to remain at the forefront of our industry by regularly designing, manufacturing and supplying a range of premium products.

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