Cleanroom Kits

Cleanroom Kits from Monmouth Scientific

Cleanroom Kits LogoCleanroom Kits is the new and easy Modular Cleanroom concept brought to you by Monmouth Scientific.​​ Entirely designed & manufactured at our HQ in the UK, select from multiple available setups and we will ship to you in a matter of days. We provide a solution with detailed instructions that is easily constructed by anyone with basic DIY skills. Once installed, the cleanroom is ready to be validated to the required classification.

Specifically designed for Cleanroom use, Monmouth have developed a structure that is constructed from smooth profiles and free of horizontal surfaces, significantly reducing the potential of particulate build-up.

Smooth Finish Aluminium for easy cleaning and no entrapment of particulate. Some aluminium is ribbed or grooved along its length making extrusion easier and cheaper – it also hides marks that are common in manufacture. These ribs and grooves are hiding places for dust and particulate and need regular cleaning.

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