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Circulaire®Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

The Circulaire® Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet offers clean air to ISO Class 4 (Class 10) using U15 ULPA particulate filters for the very best in product protection.

As standard, the cabinets conform fully to BS EN ISO 14644 & BS EN 1822 and are fitted with the latest digital fans to ensure low noise and low energy consumption. Efficiency is improved further with the use of internal LED lighting and PIR movement sensors to shut off all non-essential electronic items when the cabinet senses a period of inactivity.

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  • Airflow Monitoring in m/sec or ft/min.
  • Audible and highly visual alarms should levels exceed specified limits.
  • As standard, the cabinets conform fully to BS EN ISO 14644 and BS EN 1822.
  • The Large Working Aperture allows for easy work area access.
  • Visionaire® Touchscreen Control System monitors of all aspects of operation.
  • Optional UV light with electronic interlocked night door offers ultimate operator safety.

The cabinets are constructed from Polyester Powder Coated Mild Steel to prevent corrosion. A solid 316-grade stainless steel work surface is provided as standard with a rolled front edge for comfort.

The range is also fitted with the latest digital high-performance fans to ensure low noise operation and low energy consumption.

The cabinet uses a fraction of the power consumption of rival models. Energy efficiency is improved further with the use of PIR movement sensors to shut off all non-essential electronic items when the cabinet senses a period of inactivity.

Overhead high intensity LED lighting is provided as standard (>1000LUX) to ensure even illumination of the working area.

Monmouth Scientific | Products | Horizontal Laminar Flow

What is Laminar Flow?

A Laminar Flow system is vital in the control of particulate contamination. Laminar flow definition can be described as an entire body of air flow with steady, uniform velocity.

How to use Laminar Air Flow?

To achieve Laminar Flow within a Laminar Flow Cabinet air is initially drawn through an easy-change, high-quality EU4 pre-filter to remove all gross particulate.

Turbulent flow then passes through the fan system, before being pushed through an ULPA or HEPA filter removing 99.9998% of all particles >0.12 μm in size.

Filtered air will then flow vertically towards the worksurface at a velocity of 0.35 – 0.55 m/sec to ensure no air from the room can flow back into the working area and guarantees an ISO Class 4, particle free working environment, providing the best product protection.

Monmouth Scientific | Products | Horizontal Laminar Flow
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Technical Data

HLFT1000 HLFT1200 HLFT1500 HLFT1800
External Dims (W x D x H) 1000mm x 721mm x 1195mm 1200mm x 721mm x 1195mm 1500mm x 721mm x 1195mm 1800mm x 721mm x 1195mm
Working Area (W x D x H) 984mm x 540mm x 715mm 1184mm x 540mm x 715mm 1484mm x 540mm x 715mm 1784mm x 540mm x 715mm
Air Cleanliness >ISO Class 4 (Class 10)
Power <50dB <61dB <64dB <54dB
Airflow 950m3/hr 1175m3/hr 1325m3/hr 1600m3/hr
Air Speed >0.4m/sec
Power 65W 138W 207W 230W
Weight 51kg 105kg 119kg 130kg

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