At Monmouth Scientific we believe there is a common misconception that Ducted Fume Cupboards are cheaper to install, run and maintain than their Non-Ducted counterparts. We are offering Laboratory Managers advice and assistance in their search for high quality fume filtration.

Through the use of Carbon Filters, the Monmouth Circulaire® range efficiently filters more than 500 chemicals without the need for ducting. With the capabilities of a traditional fume cupboard, the non-ducted system doesn’t bare the high costs of exhausting a Laboratory’s conditioned air, instead, the air is cleaned before being safely recirculated back into the working environment.

The Cost Comparison Chart (below) proves that, when compared to a Fixed Air Ducted System, a Monmouth Circulaire® Filtered solution will save well in excess of £10,000.00 per unit over a 5-year period.

Without the restrictions or detailed planning involved in being attached to an expensive extract system, the Circulaire® range can be installed in difficult to access laboratories such as interior rooms or basements, as well as in listed buildings.

Requiring just a standard 240V/13amp connection, the Non-Ducted units are as easy to install as a Laboratory Fridge. With a depth of 750mm, the range is designed to fit through standard door openings and sit on standard Lab Benching.


Fixed Air System Variable Air Volume (VAV) Circulaire® Filtered System
1800mm Wide Fume Cupboard Cost £5,350.00 £5,350.00 £6,899.00
Installation (1 Unit) £4,3500.00 £5,800.00 £380.00
Total Initial Cost £9,650.00 £11,150.00 £7,279.00
Make up air/Energy Cost/Year (24hr/day @ 0.5 m/s)* £2,130.00 £1,420.00 £215.00
Maintenance Cost per Year (text + filter)** £290.00 £290.00 £632.50
Total Operating & Maintenance Cost per Year £2,240.00 £1,710.00 £847.50
Cost over 5 Year Period £21,750.00 £19,700.00 £11,516.00

* Based on University of Cambridge: Fume Cupboards: Airflow Management Study –

** Based on average filter life of 2 years.

Our team recently install 20 recirculating fume cabinets at multinational oil producer, British Petroleum’s (BP) Technology & Research Centre in Pangbourne, Berkshire

David Pomeroy, Director of Monmouth Scientific, said: “BP’s facility in Pangbourne is the central hub for all their research centres, so for us to install this number of recirculating fume cabinets here showcases the forward thinking, in terms of clean air solutions, from one of the world’s major corporations.”

Based on the above figures, when compared to the ongoing costs of replacing previously installed VAV Systems, BP will save in excess of £200,000.00 over 5 years.

BP Facilities Manager, Gary Minns explained: “The units offer us great flexibility and are a cost-effective alternative without compromising the safety of our technicians.”

We offer an extensive series of filtration fume solutions to customers and sectors all around the world and is continually adding new technologies to their product portfolio.

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