Cleanroom Kits is the new, cost effective Modular Cleanroom concept from Monmouth Scientific, designed to save customers time and money.

Entirely designed & manufactured by our experienced design and production team, Cleanroom Kits come with detailed instructions and are easily constructed by anyone with basic DIY skills. This in-turn reduces lead-times and installation costs.

Customers can select from multiple standard configurations, which we can ship in a matter of days. Once installed, the cleanroom is ready to be validated to the required ISO classification.Cleanroom Kits Module 12M Exploded

Specifically designed for Cleanroom use, our smooth aluminium profiles are easy to handle and leave a finish entirely free of horizontal surfaces to significantly reduce the potential of particulate build-up.

The lightweight, modular construction can be expanded, reduced, dismantled and relocated easily and quickly.

The new ceiling support system means that ceilings in the cleanrooms are as near flush as possible and LED panelling utilises the latest in low energy technology, offering excellent illumination of the working area.

The Clean Air Modules (CAMs) that power the rooms, provide high quality filtered air and come with an industry leading 5-Year Warranty, which reflects both the confidence and quality we have in our products.

For more information on our Cleanroom Kits please call Monmouth Scientific on 01278 458090 or visit