Monmouth Scientific have supplied numerous solutions for E-Liquid & Vaping Laboratories in the UK and overseas.

In line with regulations for the manufacturing of e-liquid products, Monmouth Scientific Clean Air Solutions are the ideal solution to guide, assist and aid companies to comply with Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) classification.

Monmouth Scientific | Products | E-Liquid Mixer Lab
E-Liquid Mixer Lab

The E-Liquid Mixer Lab solution is a 2m x 1.5m, ISO Class 7 Clean Room. The flexible, modular nature of the product means the Production Area can be quickly and easily delivered, erected and commissioned.

Monmouth Scientific | Products | Laminar Flow
Laminar Flow

The Circulaire® Laminar Flow Hoods offer clean air to ISO Class 4 using U15 ULPA particulate filters for the very best in product protection.

Monmouth Scientific | Products | E-Liquid Lab
E-Liquid Lab

The E-Lab solution includes a 5m x 3m, ISO Class 7 Clean Room, incorporating a 1m x 3m Atrium within the footprint. The flexible, modular nature of the product means the Production Area can be increased in size and custom builds easily achievable.

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