The team at Monmouth Scientific picked out their jazziest jumpers on Friday December 10th 2021 to raise some money for ‘Save the Children’s’ Christmas Jumper Day!

Digital Marketing Executive Michael Skidmore said: “The day was a lot of fun and everyone looked brilliant in their jumpers. We managed to raise £30 in total and did our little bit to help to protect the magic of Christmas for children around the world”.

Over 37,191 schools, youth groups, workplaces and homes signed up for this year’s event, with 4,092,763 people wearing their best Christmas Jumper! Save the Children offer children like Alix* the chances they deserve.

Alix is super-smart and has a wild imagination. She’s interested in everything.She’s so fun, it’s easy to forget her family have had the hardest time. They had to leave Venezuela because of the crisis there and now they live in Peru.

But Save the Children are getting Alix’s parents the money they need for the important stuff. That means they can help Alix feel safe and happy again – so she can keep seeing the wonder in the world!

*names changed to protect identities

If you’d like find out more about the work Save the Children do, visit  or to donate £2 to our Christmas Jumper Day fund simply texting TEAMMONMOUTH to 70050.

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