Activated Carbon Filter Chemical Comparison Chart

Airborne Chemical Recommended Filter Type
Bromine AC
Butyl Chloride AC
Carbon Tetrachloride AC
Chlorine AC
Chlorobenzyne AC
Chlorobutadiene AC
Chloroform AC
Chloro Picrin AC
Chloro Nitropopane AC
Dibromoethane AC
Dichlorodifluoro Methane AC
Dichlorodifluoro Ethane AC
Dichloro Ethyl Ether AC
Dichloro Methane AC
Dichloromonofluoro Methane AC
Dichloro Propane AC
Dichlorotetrafluoro Methane AC
Ethyl Bromide AC
Ethyl Chloride AC
Ethylenechlorhydrin AC
Ethylene Dichloride AC
Fluortrichloro Methane AC
Chlorobenzyne AC
Freon (BP>.20°) AC
Hydrogen Bromide AC
Hydrogen Chloride ACID
Hydrogen Iodide ACID
Iodine ACID
Iodoform AC
Methyl Bromide AC
Methyl Chloride AC
Methyl Chloroform AC
Monochlorobenzene AC
Paradichlorobenzene AC
Perchloroethylene AC
Phosgene MCH
Protpyl Chloride AC
Tetrachloroethane AC
Tetrachloroethylene AC
Vinyl Chloride AC

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AC  General Organic Compounds (iodine, Solvents, Odours etc)
ACID  Acidic Compounds (and general organics)
MCH  Special blend of up to 4 carbon types