SONOCOOL® Ultrasonic bath with cooling for use in pathology and analysis laboratories

  • shorter processing time for decalcifying of bone tissue compared to standard processes
  • sonication of heat-sensitive samples
  • cell structure preservation by short contact time with liquid
  • findings are available in a shorter time
  • compact design
  • increased life span by welded tank: stainless steel AISI 316Ti, 2 mm thick
  • lid made of glass for easy cleaning and sample observation
  • level sensor for contact liquid as dry run protection
  • lighted LCD display for remaining time – actual temperature – pause/diagnostics – set time/set temperature – ultrasonic power
  • serial interface for remote control

Package consists of: Ultrasonic device, sample holder PH 255, lid D 255 G, 10 inset beakers SD 01, 100 ml, 250 ml TICKOPUR TR 3 (concentrate for producing the contact liquid)



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