Swiveling Swan-neck Water tap (removable nozzle)

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    Swiveling Swan-neck Water tap (removable nozzle)

    The 1000/270 (1000/270120 extended) Swivelling Swan-neck Water tap has a solid epoxy painted brass base and stem. The swan-neck will swivel above the valve and this section is manufactured from tough plastic. The plastic nozzle has a hose taiil fitting and can be removed if required leaving a 1/2" BSP thread.

    The tap has a choice of standard valve or a ceramic valve. The standard valve will require several turns to achieve the fully open position, whilst the ceramic valve will do from closed to fully open in a 1/4 of a turn.

    The tap is available in two reaches - 150mm as standard, or the extended version is 200mm. The fall from the underside of the tap to the top of the sink is 235mm for both reaches.

    This product is WRAS approved under number 1305013

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