Monmouth Scientific supply Bandelin Ultrasonic Baths & Cleaners which are designed, manufactured and tested in Germany to exacting standards. They have many applications and are designed for professional/industry use. Do not confuse these with Chinese imports - they cannot be compared in any way whatsoever.

How to select the proper unit
SONOREX ultrasonic baths work with the intense cleaning frequency of 35 kHz. Size and number of objects to be cleaned determine size of the ultrasonic bath. When selecting the unit, dimensions of the accessories, e. g. baskets have to be considered. To avoid overloading, it is recommended to choose a slightly larger unit. This also allows additional applications at a later stage.

Should an ultrasonic unit have a heating
Warm cleaning solutions reduce the cleaning time; dirt is removed faster. Units with heaters are the preferred choice for cleaning processes in laboratories. Disinfectant solutions must not be warmed-up because protein coagulation starts at a temperature of 40 °C (104° F) and this poses an obstacle for some cleaning and all disinfection processes. Therefore, units without heaters are recommended for these applications.

What kind of accessories should be used
Objects to be cleaned and reaction vessels must not be placed on the tank bottom. Insert baskets avoid scratching either the parts to be cleaned or the tank bottom. Beakers are placed into positioning lids and are used for cleaning of small objects or when working with aggressive solutions.

Which cleaning agents are appropriate
TICKOPUR and STAMMOPUR cleaning and disinfectant agents have been especially developed for application in SONOREX ultrasonic baths. Water without any cleaning agent does not clean. Household detergents as well as DI-water should never be used. It is necessary to use plastic insert tubs, when working with acids or removing acid residues. Flammable liquids must not be used directly in the ultrasonic tank.