LEV or Local Exhaust Ventilation equipment can come in many shapes, sizes and styles. Essentially it is any piece of equipment that is utilised for the ventilation of odours and chemical fumes.

Monmouth can assess your equipment and test to see if it is working within the parameters set by the manufacturer of the equipment. If as with older equipment, the manufacturers parameters are not available, Monmouth will happily give a professional assessment as to whether the equipment is performing suitably for the application.

Typical LEV equipment can include:

  • Extraction Arms
  • Lip Extraction Systems
  • Room Ventilation Systems
  • Carbon Filtration Systems
  • Ducted Ventilation Systems
  • Containment Hoods

For a comprehensive quotation on servicing your cabinet, please email info@monmouthscientific.co.uk or call 01278 458090.