Microbiological Safety Cabinets are extremely important pieces of safety equipment.

Monmouth can provide servicing of many different types of Class II Safety Cabinets. The servicing involves DOP testing of all accessible filters, KI Discus containment testing and both downflow and inflow testing and recalibration where necessary.

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KI-DISCUS Principles of Operation
A fine mist of potassium iodide droplets, produced by a spinning disk, is used as a challenge aerosol to measure the containment of a cabinet or fume cupboard. Centripetal collectors sample the air outside or inside the cabinet - depending on the nature of the test. The collectors deposit any potassium iodide particles that are in the sampled air on to filter membranes. At the end of the sampling period the filter membranes are placed into a solution of palladium chloride whereupon the potassium iodide "develops" to form clearly visible and easily identified grey/brown dots.

A knowledge of the number of droplets in the challenge produced by the mist generator and the number collected in the air samplers enables the protection factor for the cabinet to be calculated. All open-fronted microbiological safety cabinets are assessed on this protection factor. The test method enabled through KI-DISCUS is fully described in British Standard BS5726-1992 and now BS:EN12469:2000.

DOP Filter Testing
HEPA filters are installed in many environments and process applications, but the method for testing them is well recognised and followed across the world.

An aerosol generator is used to produce an oil aerosol that is introduced into the airstream that is going to pass through the HEPA filter to be tested, and an aerosol photometer is used to measure the amount of aerosol upstream and downstream of the filter. The result gives the performance of the HEPA filter reported and identifies if any leaks are present in the frame, seals or media.

For a comprehensive quotation on servicing your cabinet, please email info@monmouthscientific.co.uk or call 01278 458090.