PR140C Pipette Washer

    Price: £1,845.80

    PR140C Pipette Washer

    Easy handling and time-saving, clean and gentle 
    Automatic ultrasonic cleaning - short cleaning times. 
    No time intensive washing. 
    Rinsing with syphon principle in the same vessel. 
    No tiresome sorting of the pipettes. 
    Shorter cleaning times accelerate circulation of pipettes. 
    Ultrasound is most intensive and removes also tenacious incrustations, even from the tightest lumina, while being very gentle to the material at the same time. 
    No glass breaking when used correctly. 
    The equipment can also be used for plastic pipettes.

    Maximum pipette length 755 mm.

    Quantity of pipettes to be cleaned - fitting in basket K 140 B: 

    • dia 9,0 mm - approx. 90 pieces 
    • dia 10,7 mm - approx. 55 pieces 
    • dia 14,0 mm - approx. 35 pieces 
    • dia 20,0 mm - approx. 15 pieces 
    • dia 29,0 mm - approx. 10 pieces

    Environmentally friendly and safe
    To be used with aqueous cleaning fluids. Low consumption of chemicals. Safe application without chromic sulphuric acid.

    Practical and space-saving
    Simple installation, easy maintenance.
    Small space required 335 × 255 mm (l × w).

    Important: Soaking of the pipettes in the storing vessel prevents dirt-hardening and facilitates the cleaning process. The use of several pipette baskets and storing vessels for preparation, soaking and rinsing increases the efficiency of the SONOREX Pipette Cleaning System.

    PR140C PACKAGE includes: Ultrasonic unit with stainless steel lid, plastic insert basket and cleaning concentrate

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