Monmouth Scientific are able to offer a number of COSHH compliant solutions for the containment and handling of Formalin or Formaldehyde fumes within the laboratory or operating theatre environment.

The Formalin Dispensing Workstation Circulaire 650FDS offers a safe and easy to use system for the handling and dispensing of Formalin in to pots. It is ideal for use in such areas as Operating Theatres, Histopathology and Mortuarys. The Formalin Storage Cabinets are ideal for the safe storage of samples within a Pathology or Mortuary environment. Our range of downflow workstations and benches also offer excellent containment for cut-up and disection work.

Whilst these producst are all designed for use with Formalin this is not exclusive. We can offer a myriad of different filters that make the products suitable for a whole host of other chemical applications. For more information on their use with other applications, please call 01278 458090.


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