Fixed swan-neck tap with fitted DC Type anti-siphon adaptor and AUK3 airgap

    Price: £97.82

    Fixed swan-neck tap with fitted DC Type anti-siphon adaptor and AUK3 airgap

    1000/590 Fixed swan-neck tap with fitted (non-removable) DC Type* anti-siphon adaptor and AUK3** airgap and removable nozzle.

    Fitted with Anti-rotation System

    The tap is manufactured to withstand rigourous use in the most demanding applications. The high quality brass body (P-Cu Zn40 Pb2 UNI 5705-65 Certifications) is Epoxy coated to RAL7001 as standard (light grey) although other colours area available as a special order.

    The WRAS regulations state that all laboratories are potentially category 5 high risk contamination areas and as such all taps have the requirement for the prevention of backflow siphonage to be fitted. The 1000-590 has the anti-siphon adaptor with AUK3 airgap fitted as standard.

    It is important that prior to purchase you fully understand the implications of a tap with this air gap. 
    This tap needs to be installed ideally with a pressure and flow restrictor (not supplied) inline before the tap. If flow or pressure in the system is too great or the tap sees back pressure in any situation then the DC Type anti-siphon adaptor will 'leak' through the side of the tap. This is normal and is doing what the device is intended to do. It means that whilst the tap has a hose tail fitted to the nozzle, it cannot be connected to any further device that attempts to control the flow further downstream. This unit prevents back pressure being created and therefre eliminates the possibilities of contamination of the water supply.

    WRAS Approved Product: Number 1305013

    The outlets on this tap are machined screw threaded with removable / replacable hose connection adapters. 

    Standard water connection to the tap is 1/2" BSP Male.

    For technical assistance, please contact our sales office on 01278 458090.

    *"Type DC - Pipe interrupter with permanent atmospheric vent" means a non-mechanical backflow prevention device with a permanent unrestricted air inlet, the device being installed so that the flow of water is in a vertical downward direction.  

    **Type AUK3 - Higher risk tap gap" means the height of an air gap between the lowest part of the outlet of a tap, combination fitting, shower head or other fitting discharging over any appliance or other receptacle, and the spillover level of that appliance, where a fluid category 4 or 5 risk is present downstream, 

    For further information please consult the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999

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