Fixed Swan-neck Tap with 300mm fall - handle to left

    Price: £75.00

    Fixed Swan-neck Tap with 300mm fall - handle to left

    1000/584-BO Fixed Swan-neck left hand tap with 300mm fall from end of nozzle to top of sink/bench

    Fitted with Anti-rotation System

    The 1000/584-BO is manufactured and tested to the highest standards.  

    The outlet nozzle allows a hose to be connected if desired (check local regulations allow this). It is removable and can be changed to an aerator outlet if desired.

    Standard water connection to the tap is 1/2" BSP Male.

    A matching RIGHT HAND VERSION is available 1000/563 and the two are available as a packaged pair 1000/563 & 1000/584-BO Package

    For technical assistance, please contact our sales office on 01278 458090.

    Complies with international standards
    Interchangeable components
    Made in brass (P-Cu Zn40 Pb2 UNI 5705-65)
    Epoxy coating in RAL 7001
    Functioning from -30°C to 150 °C
    Very High Chemical Resistance
    Saline fog test: no change
    Kesternich test: no change
    DIN 50018 standard
    Ergonomic handles with media colour coding according to standard DIN 13792
    For further technical information please contact the technical sales team 01278 458090.