Monmouth Scientific offer one of the most comprehensive range of emergency body showers and eye washers available in the UK. They are designed and manufactured in Italy to CE – DIN 12 899 – UNI 9608 standards and are characterised by high water flow along with a very soft water spout which immediately flushes and decontaminates injured body parts after having been hit by acids, industrial solvents or any other corrosive product.

The range covers most potential applications and consists of hand held devices which can be wall or surface mounted, overhead systems which can be wall or floor mounted and portable systems that can be recharged.

The latest additions to the range are the platform based systems which can offer 100% hands free operation and are activated as soon as a person is present on the platform. Monmouth Scientific’s emergency showers and eye-baths are indispensible in areas of high risk and they are easy to identify by the red or green colour and their pictogram sign according to the standards.