The Monmouth E-Lab

In line with tightening regulations in the manufacturing process of e-liquid, Monmouth Scientific have put together a turn-key solution to guide and assist companies in their efforts to comply with increasing governance.

The Monmouth E-Lab package includes a 5m x 3m ISO Class 7 Cleanroom which incorporates a 1m x 3m atrium within the footprint. Just as the e-liquid industry is growing, the flexible nature of this product means the production area can easily be increased in size to future proof your investment.

Modular Construction

The system is made up of an aluminium framework with solid aluminium composite panels and clear polycarbonate infill panels, all of which are constructed on site by Monmouth engineers with years of cleanroom experience. A PVC coving will be provided at the connection of the walls and floors to aid cleaning and minimise crevices.

Air Handling

In the clean area, two ceiling mounted CAM2250 Clean Air Modules are provided. The CAMs project air through HEPA filters (99.997% efficient @ 0.3 microns) to create the positive pressure required in an ISO 7 cleanroom environment. Although an additional CAM can be provided in the Atrium, this is not essential for an ISO 7 Cleanroom as there is sufficient clean air entering the changing area via the Dissipation Grilles in the door that leads to the production area.


6no. 1500mm double light fittings will be supplied and fitted. These will be switched from the Monmouth control box.

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