Monmouth's Downflow Benches are free-standing units that can either be ducted or filtered using carbon filtration. They provide fume and/or particulate containment by drawing air through the perforated work surface and either ducting to outside or filtering through HEPA or activated carbon filters.

As there are so many variations and personal requirements when it comes to chosing a dowflow system, all Monmouth's benched are customised for the end user. We are more than happy to meet with you at your facility to discuss requirements or make recommendations for the optimal system to suit individual requirements. To date, we have designed and manufactured hundreds of versions with many variations.


Things to consider are:

  • Size of unit,
  • Size of ventilated area,
  • Sink and water facilities required?,
  • Washdown facilities required?,
  • Materials of manufacture,
  • Adjustable height,
  • Filtration or Ducted